Meg Kaplan-Noach is a native South Floridian and professional artist. She is currently an MFA candidate in the Visual Arts: Curatorial Practice program at Florida International University, and a FAENA Art Curatorial Studies Scholar. Previously, Meg was Exhibitions Curator at the Boca Raton Museum of Art. In addition she is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and has also presented scholarly art papers at nationally respected conferences for arts professionals.

Her other academic credits include a BFA in Painting (Magna cum Laude), a BA in Art History (Magna cum Laude), and a post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Museum Studies. 

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Ever since I was eighteen I have worked exclusively in series format. I had attended Lucy Lippard's lecture on Eva Hesse, which I still remember to this day. It was the Fall of 1978 and I was a brand new freshman, in my foundation-year, in a private art school. I cannot adequately underscore just how significant and life changing her lecture was for me.

I learned from Eva's practice that one of the very the best ways to fully explore a concept, or subject or technique, is to work in a series. It was clear to me that what would emerge is a body-of-work that shows investigation and growth, and yes, maturity. That is, to focus on some point and try to work-it-out and work-it-through– to immerse myself in the idea, notion, or frame of reference. 

So here are some of my series of works. One could also call them places in time. They do segue organically–preceding series remain ever-relevant to those that proceeded them. They are entwined.

Fern Forest #3, Fern Forest Series

Fern Forest #3, Fern Forest Series