Back Porch

The Backyard Porch drawings celebrate the garden outback, and stand-in as proof of a twice-layered artist-block beginning to thaw.

They probe simple things: my relationship to the ambiguities of the macrocosm and microcosm of the garden; my stabs at forming depths-of-field; and a redux of scratches-and-marks from an earlier series. Above all they serve a primal need for artmaking and expression.

Untitled #1 and #2 started with cellphone snapshots pieced together to form a composition of elements. Reduced to shapes in black and white contrast by a copier, then sketched in oil pastel on the paper. But that ends all pre-determinations for the drawing. From here on out it will change– because they always do! 

I make mistakes and I rub or scratch them off leaving ghosts. I screw with color. I overdraw other ideas on top. I have to negotiate things. To me they are inanimate, yet they sort of belong-to-themselves, too. It is a slow process– I have learned not to rush.